1. Land mapping & surveying with Altitude 58 drones

    Date 17 Feb 2017
    Drone mapping provides land management companies with the tools to accurately assess precise measurements and changes to the land instantly. Carried out on a yearly basis this can provide invaluable data to how land is managed.  Many landowners work with multiple agencies depending on what the land is used for,…

  2. How we use drones to help construction companies

    Date 26 Jan 2017
    Drones in construction Drone technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and we are using this technology to make major changes to the construction industry. An important factor is that the business of construction—both commercial and residential—is highly complex and involves many skilled workers involved…

  3. Exmoor Associates - Going the extra mile (Lynton & Barnstaple Railway)

    Date 14 Apr 2016
    Exmoor Associates – Securing trackbed for the Lynton & Barnstaple RailwayExmoor Associates has been set up by a small group as a private limited company to purchase and maintain available land on the route of the former Lynton & Barnstaple Railway. We are all fully committed to the principle of…

  4. Caswell Motorcycles - Motorbike Sales & breakers in North Devon

    Date 14 Apr 2016
    Ben (Caswell Motorcycles) is a friend of ours so when he said he had a GXSR 1000 in to break it seemed like a good project to film…and cry at the same time watching a GSXR being broken! These guys made it look easy! Check out Caswell Motorcycles on Facebook…

  5. Bideford bike show buildup 2016

    Date 14 Apr 2016
    Perfect for a ride outIf you’re looking for a Bike Show in the United Kingdom and you’re going to be in the South West this May, then visit us on The Quay in Bideford, North Devon on the 28th May 2016.The first Bideford Bike Show in 2014 saw hundreds of…

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