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Hey there, Welcome to Altitude58

As a digital MEDIA COMPANY 

with expertise across web design & SEO, Professional CINEMATOGRAPHY and photography, content marketing and company branding, we work with clients to unlock THEIR full online potential through creativity, technology, and business-STRATEGY thinking.


Starting up and running a business is exciting, but we also know how much work and planning is needed! Things like a website are now a MUST if your clients are to take you seriously or you want to reach a wider audience. The days of people just picking up the phone are gone, first they will go onto your website, then they might go on youtube and try and find a film about your business to watch, maybe onto Instagram and social media ‘stalk’ your photos for a while. Then, will they call you, probably not, they will want to email you!

This is where we can help you! If your business needs a promotional film, no problem. Some social media content, no problem. Maybe though you are just starting up, and finding it all a bit mind blowing now you know whats actually needed, not just to start a business but to SUCCEED! This is where our custom packages come into it. What makes us unique if we can offer ALL you need to get started and to flourish! We get discuss websites, a promotional film to really show off what you do, capture the essence of your business with stunning photography and it does stop there, we have linked up with a amazing social media company that can continue with you through your journey and help you really succeed in social media. Oh, want to be ranked right up there and beat your competitors on google, yes we can help with that too!


Our expertise includes producing promotional video content for social media and marketing campaigns


So if you know exactly what your business needs or you need some advice about what your options are just message us and lets have a chat and a coffee (we REALLY like coffee!)


Many thanks,

A58 Team


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