360 Virtual Tour Services - Aerial & Ground Tours

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Altitude58 creates extraordinary virtual tours. The virtual tours we create help businesses (and, of course, the people who run them) to showcase their location and offerings, wow their potential and current clients, and generate more leads and sales.

Altitude58 prides itself in providing great service that is individualised, customised, professional and friendly. In our virtual tours you can expect beautiful, high definition, 360 degree images, well-designed and easy-to-use virtual tour interfaces, and fun and informative interactive elements. Each virtual tour is created with a goal in mind so as to meet our client’s specific needs to market their individual business and service.

Additional Virtual Tour Features

  • iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile compatible versions

  • Informational hot spots providing more information about your location and/or service

  • Aerial and ground photography

  • Interactive map/floor plan showing the layout of your location with navigation from the map to each 360 view

 Our Virtual Tour Process

We try to keep the process of having a virtual tour created relatively simple and enjoyable for you. Here are the basic steps of getting a virtual tour created of your location:

  • Request a quote online

  • Discuss goals and the scope of the project

  • Agree upon a time to photograph your location and be available on day of photography (photography is typically done in one day)

  • We'll take care of all the image processing and design of the virtual tour viewer

  • Review of the virtual tour and any changes made in accordance to our agreement

  • Delivery of the virtual tour for you to place on your website or we can provide website design and hosting for you if necessary

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