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Filming - Promotional / Events / Music videos / Documentaries*  Drone filming, photography and aerial services*  Construction and Industrial site Documentary Photography*  Drone inspections , Surveying & Mapping 

Long Term Timelapse Photography*  Creative Timelapse Photography*  Architectural Photography, Corporate Photography*  360 Virtual tours*  Website design & hosting*  Brand design inc Logo


Altitude58 is a licensed commercial drone company based in North Devon, producing aerial filming and aerial photography services with “Permission For Commercial Operations” granted from the C.A.A. Specialists in aerial media production, Altitude58’s pilots are BNUC-S qualified and fully insured with  public liability and adhere strictly to guidelines and safety procedures necessary to ensure the safety of crew, public and buildings. 


We create stunning time-lapse productions and branded video content. We are known for and specialise in producing marketing videos for long term construction projects. We focus on social & narrative story telling to convey brand messaging on socially integrated platforms. Altitude58 is a full service creative agency that can deliver a full range of time-lapse projects using our new 4K cameras that can upload via 3/4g networks to our cloud based servers. We also cover solar power cameras. 


We utilise a personalised approach for building and providing stimulating marketing tools, including high quality 360 degree virtual tours. Our virtual tours are customised, view able full screen and accurately and attractively showcase any location. In addition to 360 degree virtual tours, we offer 360 degree aerial imaging using our state of the art drones, professional photographic services, web design, web hosting, email marketing and more.


Video Production

Altitude58 services include aerial drone photography and videography through to full video post production. All of the footage is shot RAW for the highest Dynamic Range and processed in house to produce high quality Pro-Res files which can be edited by us into a finished video or given to your editing house. 

Drone filming,photography and aerial services

We use state of the art drone technology to capture unique and different perspectives of your project. our range of worrk varies from film production, aerial time lapse photography to usage of drone technology for large area land mapping and surveying. We use different drones for different projects depending on what we feel the needs of the client will be. See our full list of drone services here

Architectural Photography, Corporate Photography

High resolution, beautiful photography of your subject or project. Resulting Images are enhanced, colour corrected , perspective corrected and supplied in two versions of jpegs, low res for web and high res suitable for your corporate brochures or for hanging on the wall. We also supply Tif files if preferred.

Construction and Industrial site Documentary Photography

From a minimum of two hours, to fully documenting a project over months or even years. We make sure to understand the details of your project and realise images that tell the story in a visually interesting way. We can utilise cranes, adjacent buildings, camera poles and drones to get a full overview and perspective on your project.

  • High quality creative images using professional equipment.
  • Images shot in high resolution format for your marketing.
  • The images are enhanced to make the most of the lighting conditions at the time of shooting, resulting in great marketing images for your company.
  • Images from the shoot are uploaded to a dedicated client webpage for proofing.
  • Exhibition quality prints from the resulting images can be supplied for display in your offices or elsewhere.

Creative TIME-LAPSE Photography

Using an on-site presence we document your project activity over one or more days. Using multiple high resolution Timelapse camera setups to record the different stages, we capture the essence of of the project. The resulting image sequences are then edited to make a visually effective story showing exactly 'what it is that you do'.

This is a great tool for showing to prospective clients either via a personal presentation or on your website. One or more days work can be condensed into 2-3 minutes of video where your project and empoyees are the stars of the show. 

We capture hours of footage allowing us to select the most important aspects of the project which are then edited to tell the story. During the edit the images are colour treated and enhanced to create a visually interesting mood. We then add title pages, end credits, captions if required and a soundtrack to suit the project, finally you have the option of output to your required format(s) and specifications.

During our time on site, we can also take high resolution digital images of different aspects of the project which can be used for your marketing material. Read more about our time lapse services here.

Long Term Timelapse Photography

As well as creative Timelapse we also document your long term project using one or multiple, high resolution Timelapse camera setups, to record the daily activities remotely and using a 3G network we send the images to our server. The real time images can be viewed from anywhere in the world on a password protected webpage specific to your project, so you and your team can monitor the progress from wherever you are.

  • The camera system is protected inside an industrial strength weatherproof housing.
  • The system is solar powered with a battery backup, so requires no external power supply (powered version available also).
  • The housing can be fitted to any existing elevated position using a variety of fixings, or if no elevated position exists and subject to a site inspection, we can erect a camera pole specifically constructed to have maximum strength and minimum flex which is essential for time lapse.
  • We construct periodic time lapses to show the progress to date, together with a final edit on completion.
  • Images taken by the high resolution camera can be used for your marketing.
  • During site visits we can take additional high resolution site images to suppliment your marketing requirements.
  • Should you require a more custom time lapse we can factor in additional site visits and specifically document important aspects of your project to be included in the final edit.
  • Timelapse footage is normally edited in 4K and output to 1080.  Various formats on completion.
  • During the edit, title pages will be added and you will be given a choice of soundtracks to suit the mood and tempo of the video,
  • finally when you are happy with the content you will be presented with a USB drive containing the finished video together with any additional marketing material you require

Read more about our time lapse services here