Giving your business a different perspective

One of our recent jobs was with a client who contacted us and wanted  a film produced. They were going to be using a 60 tone crane to remove a diseased oak tree from a clients grounds. This was a great opportunity to film from the air with our drones to give a different perspective but also a closer angle of work going on higher up in the tree. 

After checking the area was safe to fly we prepped our kit and planned our shots. What we didn't know at this time was how the weather was going to change. We always constantly check the forecast if flying but this gave us a curve ball. SNOW!  

Now you may think this would make filming harder, and your correct but only from a equipment point of view. Drone batteries had to be kept warm, camera batteries drain extremely fast in the low temperatures. The timelapse rig constantly needed the lens cleaning to wipe the settling snow off. What the snow DID do though was give us a great feel and difference to how we shot it. It let us bring a more cinematic feel and when we started filming we loved every minute of it.  

We had to be careful flying the drone and pick when and where to fly. You will notice some of the shots actually featured the drone flying through the snow. These shots were carefully picked and communicated with the workers on the ground on case we had to land quickly.  

The day went very smoothly and we returned a week later to capture the final shots of the area without the oak tree. The weather was perfect and the light stunning as you will see in the closing shots. 

A great project to work on and we are currently producing the next film for the client.