Why use Time-Lapse Videos

Time-lapse videos have become a popular way of documenting how a building was constructed and provides many unique elements for a documentary about a construction project. It has become common for these videos to be added to the business website.

There are many cameras we are use to create a time-lapse video to capture the whole building process. These videos are not just about documenting the process because they provide insights about the
construction process. Here are just a few reasons why you should create a time-lapse video of your next building project.



1. A Clear Picture of the Construction

There are a lot of things that can slow down a construction project. Everything from the weather to human errors can stop or slow the process down. Many of these issues can be avoided with the correct planning, which can help you stay on time and on budget. A time-lapse video can help you pinpoint where the building process slowed down and what may have been the cause. This information is helpful in the future, especially if you are planning to build similar buildings around the same area.


2. Amazing Marketing Videos

Time-lapse videos have been used in many marketing videos for products, but they can also be used to market a construction project or a building with rental space. These videos provide information to the public about the building, which helps them understand what work it took to construct your building. It can also show people how a construction project works and what other projects that the company has worked on.

3. Monitors Workers

Most times, monitoring workers is not the main reason for having time-lapse cameras around a construction site. However, more construction businesses are using these cameras to keep a closer eye on their employees. Our cameras can upload the videos and
photos daily, so you can look at them when the building is being constructed. This can help you improve working conditions for your workers and track how the
construction is going, which can speed up the building process.

4. High-Quality Videos

We use many time-lapse cameras that offer HD and  4K videos. This makes it easy to see what is going on and
make high-quality videos for your business. These cameras can be set up just about anywhere even if there is no power currently on site we can supply our solar powered time-lapse units. Daily updates can be enabled on certain rigs also. This means that you can easily keep the public and investors up-to-date
with what is happening. These high-quality videos can also be posted right to your website without needing a huge amount of editing or video processing, which can save you time and money on your marketing.

5. Drone Time-Lapse

We have fully licensed pilots who can capture stunning HD or 4K footage of your project. All our pilots have are PFCO licenced from the CAA. Haveing drone images or your project gives it a whole new perspective and look to the video. We can also provide aerial surveys while the project is happening so you can use for measurements and land volumes. Click here for more info. 

Chris Catullo